Project Goals

One of the key reasons for success in any personal project, in my opinion, is establishing certain goals or targets. I believe this is important as it allows you to see how much you have achieved since starting the project, in addition you can focus on specific aspects that need work, and see how far you are from the finish. Essentially, goals allow you to stick to a plan. Below is a list of goals that I am aiming for with this project.

logominimalMain Goals

  • Design and make a well finished, usable and entertaining arcade cabinet.

  • Keep costs to a minimum.

  • Learn and appreciate the various skills required to build an arcade cabinet.

  • Maintain a blog during the process, showcasing the stages in the build from start to finish.

  • Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Specific Goals

  • Wood Cabinet
    • There are specific designs for arcade cabinets for a reason, although the “livery” various significantly between all cabinets there are only a few styles of arcade cabinet to choose from – this should make the task a bit simpler.
    • The design should be simple but elegant, making it easy to assemble (and disassemble for maintenance etc).
    • The design should take into account the positioning of hardware – prototyping may be required to get this perfect.
    • The design should take into account the use of wood – more research will be needed to understand the various pros and cons of each wood types.
    • Multiple iterations should be done on the design – this may require more work, but will lead to a better end result.
  • Artwork
    • Although this is a much later goal in the project, it is an important one that will stamp the cabinet with my own persona.
    • Any choice of artwork should be simple, with one major theme and one colour set being used throughout.
    • The artwork should not distract from the major purpose of the cabinet – playing games.
    • The artwork should be hard wearing – using vinyl graphics may not be suitable. Wood stain may be a good choice, depending on the type of wood used.
  • Electronic Hardware
    • All hardware should be of high quality – increasing the longevity of the cabinet and reducing any maintenance that would be required.
    • Hardware that is visible should keep with the design and colour set of the artwork.
    • All wiring should be neat.
    • Any components used should be easily replaceable if needs be.

This list will be updated during the early stages of the project.


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