Wheres the Guide? and the new RetroPie 2.x

I’ve recently had a hiatus from RetroPie and emulation on the RaspberryPi, progress on the guide has been quite limited as I wanted to wait for the upcoming release of RetroPie 2.0, which has now been released!

Included with the release is the new version of the frontend GUI – Emulation Station 2, its been a long time coming (10 months in fact) but it must be said that its looking great.

New EmulationStation GUI

Check out the respective blogs/sites to find all the gory details on the updates.

So I’ll be working hard to get the guide updated for RetroPie 2.1, which I hope to complete within 1-2 weeks, I’m still trying to figure out what content to keep and what to get rid of.
Understandably the guide attempts to dissolve some of the barriers that new users have when trying to install and setup RetroPie, this is relatively easy to do as it just a set of simple steps. However, I’d like the guide to also teach the user some of the basics in navigating and using the bash terminal, and give them enough knowledge to be able to troubleshoot independently.

By doing this I’d hopefully create a “one stop shop” for most new users, but squeezing all of that information in less than 10 pages isn’t really possible. I’d like to keep the guide short and simple, but have enough information to cover all the bases, such as video and audio config, joystick/controller config, internet/wifi and remote access config and so on.

And still unsure whether having the guide as a downloadable PDF is really worth it, it does make the editing and design much better than using WordPress, but it also removes some of the accessibility.


On a side note, I’ve updated the blog theme and Euro Truck Simulator 2 is actually pretty cool, check out the demo if you have a chance.



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