A Quick Update and the First 3D Model


So it’s been a busy week or two!

I’ve been haunting the RetroPie forums and helping others with configs/setups/bugs etc.
A major decision on the cabinet has been made… there won’t be a cabinet, read on!

So yes, I’ve decided against building a bartop style cabinet and decided I want to build a portable cabinet/box/control panel that contains everything, and here are the reasons:

  1. It’s too big.
    The main reason for not going down the bartop route is the size, I think its going to be too big as I have limited space (moving into student halls in a few months)
  2. Not portable.
    A bartop pretty much has to stay where it is, with a single small box I can keep everything together and have the freedom of moving it where I want.
  3. Having a dedicated monitor sucks (kind of).
    Having a monitor specifically built into the cabinet limits its use to just the arcade cabinet and raspberry pi, a separate monitor can be used for anything.
  4. A control panel could be used with a PC.
    The joystick and buttons can be wired so that it could be used with a pc, making it have dual functionality, requires a bit more effort with wiring/electronics.

So I’ve made a very quick (very quick) mock-up on google sketchup –

Arcade CP draft


More posts to come, promise!


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