Setting up the Pi and Writing a Guide

So after a couple days of messing around with the Pi I have got everything installed and running, it still needs quite a bit of configuration for joypads, inputs, video settings, audio settings.

Here’s current progress :

  • Setup Pi Hardware
  • Installed Raspbian OS
  • Configured Raspbian OS
  • Installed RetroPie

    • I have tried both the pre-installed image and the retropie script, I found that the script has better results for video output, and I learned a few things installing the retropie package this way.
  • Installed PiPlay

    • I tried out the PiPlay image, its really nice, streamlined and seems to be coming along. However, there are a few issues with the frontend/gui, I’m sure this will be sorted pretty quickly though. but for now I will stick with RetroPie.

So, for the project I have decided to use retropie as the base, I hear you asking why?
Well, why not install each emulator myself, and then install a front end from there, this is definately an option that I am looking into, but it would seem that I am just making things hard for myself.

RetroPie uses stable emulator releases, has a nice frontend (emulation station) and has a script that updates everything without me messing around. Yes it does have some quirks, such as multi emulators for the same system, but there are valid reasons for these decisions. On first appearance RetroPie may be a bit confusing, however with enough research and configuration time I’m sure I can use it effectively.

Writing a Guide

preview of the guide

So after 4-5 days of playing around with various installations I have decided I would write a guide to setup RetroPie. It will be tailored to individuals who have purchased the pre-installed NOOBS SD card, but will have information for those with no previous experience with the Raspberry Pi, RetroPie and the Raspbian OS. It will also have some details on remote connection, configuration and a few other tidbits which are useful to know.

So what’s next? Well I still have quite a few things to set-up with the various emulators, still have to get a controller working, get video settings correct for each emulator, make sure the performance is okay, and write the guide as well :).



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