The Pi is Purchased and a Possible Testing Monitor?

I can see this project will be full of pie puns…

Anyway, the model b raspberry pi has been purchased from the good folks over at
I did try to arrange my own starter kit via amazon, however the price turned out to be more. In addition, I’m pretty satisfied that the products I’ll receive from modmypi will be manufactured in the UK, and will be the most recent models/revisions. Below are the details of the starter kit.

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit Including Raspberry Pi

 – Raspberry Pi Case: ModMyPi – Colour: Orange
 – USB Cable Select: Noodle – Orange – 2m
 – Video Cable Select: HDMI Noodle – Orange..
 – RJ45 Cable Select: Orange – 2m
 – SD Card Size: 8GB w/ Official Adap..
 – Power Supply Select: 5V 1.5A – UK

Plexus Single-Slot USB2.0 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, MMC)

So everything is on its way, 1-3 working days via Royal Mail, hopefully I can have a play around with the kit this weekend!.

In addition, I’ve managed to acquire a 7″ LCD monitor for testing (as I intend to use a 12″ monitor for the final build).

I pulled this out of a non-working tablet (Archos 70 internet tablet) that I had stuffed away in a cupboard. It seems to have the right connections but I’m not sure that I will be able to use the LED backlight as this is powered on a separate cable. Below are some pictures and specs for the monitor, more details to follow.

LB070WV6LG logo
Liquid Crystal Display

20140605_185505Anti-­glare treatment Surface Treatment of the front polarizer
Color Depth 8-­bit, 16,772,216 colors
Pixel Format 800 horiz. by 480 vert. Pixels RGB strip arrangement
Luminance, White 350 cd/m2 (Typ.)
Power Consumption 0.29W(logic), 1.34W(LED)
Weight 107.7g(Typ)
Display Operating Mode Transmissive mode, normally white
Viewing Direction 6 o’clock
Pixel Pitch 0.1893 mm × 0.1887 mm
Outline Dimension 165×104.6×3.3mm
Active Screen Size 7.0 inches diagonal

Here is the PDF file with the specifications > LB070WV6-TD08 Specifications

Completely unsure as to how to connect this up, I believe there is a separate board that I need for the RPi which allows monitors to be powered and used, so some research will need to be done.

20140605_185606 20140605_185617As you can see, the LED back light seems to have a separate cable which connects to a separate circuit board. The board contains micro-switches for the tablet – power on/reset, volume up and down.


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