LCD Update

LCD Works

LED Backlight – Pretty Bright 0_o

After some fiddling around with the 7″ screen I managed to get it working. The Archos 70 tablet that the monitor is from seems to boot up, the backlight and LCD both work, as well as the digitiser for the touch screen.

So it works, which is great, however there is no way I can connect this to the Pi without a specific board, which I’ve found it is called an LCD Driver.

After some research it seems that there are boards that will drive the monitor and allow me to connect it up to the Pi (such as, but they do not have a separate header for the backlight. This monitor seems to be of a particular design that suits the Archos, whereas most LCD’s have the backlight pulling power from the same cable as LCD, this one has a separate 6 pin cable, which makes it a pain to try and use for anything else other than its original intended purpose.

So, back to looking around for a half decent cheap LCD.


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